Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Connections

Written for:  Verse First  and  Poetry Jam

Verse First - Interconnected
 Natalie Goldberg once said, "We are all interwoven and create each other's universes... We don't live for ourselves; we are all interconnected."
You affect me. I affect you. One action begets a series of reactions, which expand the web of connectedness. Every action is a pebble in the pond, every reaction a ripple. And so it goes. Consider the vast truth of this and write about it.

Poetry Jam - October
Be inspired by the month of October. Share what October means to you.

image courtesy of markuso

Oh what passion do you ignite
Like a bird soaring high my soul takes flight

A whisper a thought I feel in my heart
Though we are countless miles apart

An invisible connection we do share
An eternal bond so true and rare

Do I meet you in travels to spiritual lands
Do you feed my spirit to knowledge expand

You are the flame that beckons my soul
And only with you can I be whole


A time in October I came on this Earth
To meet you here, to share some mirth

But Destiny plays a cruel game
Doused your fire, put out the flame

Connections we share through space and time
Knowing you are mine is a feeling sublime

I reach for you through invisible veils
To guide the boat of my life for you are its sails

A time in October I might come again to this Earth
Can we journey here together in my next birth?


I wrote the first poem a long time ago and thought it fit the prompt.
October is a special month for me, the beginning of my life.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Past Centre Battles

Written for  Verse First    Poetry Jam    GBE2
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Verse First - Just past the centre
We are, now, just past September's center. Funny way to look at a span of time, from the center. But that is exactly what I want you to do. Look at something, anything really, from just past center. It could be your life, your kitchen table or even a task at hand. It could be your equilibrium, your goals, a relationship or... Whatever you choose, write a poem from the perspective of Just past center.

GBE2 - Imperfection
All things must balance
That's my belief
Life's like a dance
Unbalanced it's grief

Sometimes a new venture
Swings left, then right
Just past centre
No use being uptight

A little imperfection
Much easier to achieve
It's a matter of perception
And what you believe

All things must balance
The ride up and down
Life needs an easy stance
Smile, don't frown


Poetry Jam - Battles
Mind is a battlefield
Of earthly understanding
Heart is a vault unsealed
Of Divinity enchanting

Sometimes the mind wins
It's morality's tool
It keeps us from sins
And within earthly rules 

But the heart is blissful
It tolerates the mind
Its connection is universal
Invisible and kind

There's balance in life
When mind and heart agree
Then our journey is free of strife
And the spirit is free

Mind is a battlefield
Of earthly understanding
Heart is a vault unsealed
Of Divinity enchanting


Paying it forward
This week I feature Mary's Just past centre - loved her take on the prompt and it made me smile

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Ode To Places

Written for:  Verse First   and  Poetry Jam

Verse First - The Places I Love
Consider the places you love and all that they mean to you. Say their names aloud. Listen to their rhythm. Embrace the emotions they evoke, and then write an ode to those wondrous locales.

author's image taken from my lounge

In this life there are places I've seen
Wondrous, beautiful and so serene

The hills and mountains spiritual and grand
Valleys and plains all across the land

Woods and forests quiet and mysterious
But explore with care for they can be nefarious

Rivers and streams and babbling brooks
Crags and cliffs and caves and nooks

Meadows of flowers, shores and the sea
Any place where my spirit is free

These are the places in this world that I love
Breathtaking, amazing, and those I'm in awe of


Poetry Jam - Lost
Reflect on something "lost" and write about it.  Or a time you were lost.  Or a way you were lost.  Or perhaps think about what you would like to be able to lose?

image sources - google images and wikipedia

I am lost in my dreams
Of places unseen
The ones that my soul longs for

Where the Gods walked the Earth
To teach us our worth
And karma, dharma and more

I am lost in my dreams
Of places unseen
Or somewhere before have explored?

In a time long gone by
That I see in my mind's eye
Perhaps lifetimes that I came in before.


dharma = right thought, right speech, right action, duty

How strange that I recently took part in a blog festival via my blog Someday Somewhere and my chosen theme was 7 journeys I would love to take. I was truly lost in my dreams those 7 days.

Featuring poems
One of the things I learned through that festival was that it gave me great joy to pay it forward by featuring posts so will be doing that in future on all my posts. So here is one that I absolutely loved: Helen's Lost Youth.

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