Sunday, December 29, 2013

In A Time Gone By

Written for: Real Toads and  Blogadda WoW

Real Toads prompt
What would it be like if we were stuck in (or have regressed to) the past? Write from the perspective of yourself or another person (real or imagined) who can’t seem to live in the present or look forward; someone who dwells in a supposedly more magnificent or rewarding past time, and behaves accordingly.

Blogadda WoW prompt
Your entry must contain a word in all its three degrees of comparison. For example: Good, Better, Best! or Great, Greater, Greatest!

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He looked magnificent
Lean and tall
Upon his chariot
I watched in awe

His bow and his arrows
He carried with grace
Strength of a warrior
But gentle of face

He seemed so familiar
Yet I knew him not
Who was this stranger?
With eyes tender and soft

Graceful and ethereal
He looked so Divine
Joyous he made me feel
Somehow I knew he was mine

Did he know that I watched him?
For suddenly he smiled
My senses he made them swim
As his eyes beheld mine

My garland of flowers 
Upon his neck looked so grand
His heart he empowered
Into my trembling hands

In a time long gone 
Was this love sweet and pure
A match made in Heaven
Through aeons it endures

Let me stay in that moment 
When his eyes beheld mine
And true love was unspoken
And hearts were entwined

For great is He, my love story
Greater than any in time
The greatest ever in glory
And supremely sublime

My take on Sita's view of Lord Rama

(And don't forget to read Lord Rama's view of Sita at She Looked Most Beautiful)

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The gift

Written for  Poetry Jam - Gifts   Verse First - Gifts and Blessings
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The heart of gold you gave to me
A symbol from the blue
An angel handed it to me
In a dream I lived with you

Your soul you merged with mine through that
A message of your love
My body bathed in your enchanting glow
And peaceful like a dove

The heart of gold you gave to me
A symbol of our love
My heart is joined with yours you said
In an everlasting bond


This poem is based on an event that took place during one of my meditations recently. Feeling blessed.

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