Saturday, July 27, 2013

Close to the Source I Swoon.

Written for the following prompts:
One Single Impression - Swoon
The Verse First - Close to the source
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Verse First's - Close to the source:
Good writing takes the reader on location. Good writing doesn't "talk about," but emanates the warmth, light and life of the topic at hand.  A good poem feels vivid and visceral and close to the source. Today, become the experience. Write from the source. With detailed yet precise language, make us feel your meaning. 

So here is my attempt, please let me know if I achieved the goal above and let me know if there were any improvements I could make. Drop by and leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks.

A haunting melody
Whispering through the forest mist
Tickling my senses
Like a magnet I am drawn

Earthy boots crunching on fallen leaves
Searching blindly for that sweet sound
Footsteps quickening 
Anticipation testing my patience

The gurgling sound of a rushing brook
Mesmerising sweet refrain, tantalizingly near
Feet running fast, heartbeats quickening
Eyes aching to behold that source


One Single Impression - Swoon

And having beheld that source ..

There you sit by the pretty gulmohar
Under the light of a silken moon
That mesmerising sweet refrain
My senses begin to swoon

Mind intoxicated by your presence
Heart a flutter dancing wildly
Senses swimming uncontrollably 
Eyes locked and loving blindly.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lesson

Today I have the privilege of being the host for The Writers' Post blog hop and my chosen prompt is "The Lesson".

My belief is that we all arrive into this world into this life so our souls may learn and grow.

So life presents us with situations to learn the lessons we are here to learn. And the situations present themselves over and over again until the lesson is learned.

If we look back at our lives, we can see a pattern emerge and from that we can establish the lesson(s) we are meant to learn. Steve Jobs put this quite nicely as "looking back to join the dots".

If the lesson evades us I believe that we carry it through from life to life until eventually we conquer and move on.

Over the years I have realised that there are a few lessons I'm pretty sure my soul is here to learn. Perhaps my karma is intertwined into this.

One of these I am sure is forgiveness.  Looking back to "join up the dots", I can see so many situations where an opportunity to learn forgiveness was presented. And I have finally learned to let go of bitterness where events have occurred that have been hurtful or where I felt betrayed or wronged.

So here's a poem I wrote and stored away for that opportunity to share. 

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Oh forgiveness, you demanding friend
Through many journeys my soul you bend

A heavy load I carry through aeons
In life after life as queens or minions

My spirit is worn down and heavily chained
That elusive lesson from my mind refrained

A flash of light, a beautiful blue
A Divine intervention experienced by few

A message is handed in the kindest of ways
The mind is enlightened, dissolved is the haze

In anger I walked off, tired and weary
In proving my love was pure and worthy

should've forgiven, looked into your heart
We may have journeyed together, instead of apart.


This poem is inspired by a past life reading that I had. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. So truly the lesson of forgiveness I have carried over from a life a long long long long time ago. 

So what is The Lesson for you?

Fact or fiction, poetry or prose, take this prompt as you will and share The Lesson. Then link up with the linky below and please link back to my post.

I look forward to reading your lesson.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Appetite and Omniscience

The prompt this week at Verse First is Appetite.  But as I missed last week's prompt Omniscience I thought I would combine both

And also linking to One Single Impression - Fragile

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A soothing melody
Invaded my daydream
Gently flowing
Like a singing stream

It teased my thoughts
It disturbed my reverie
It opened my eyes
It shook my lethargy

It came and went 
And it was haunting
I was captivated
It increased my longing

I closed my eyes
To capture its essence
It filled me with bliss
I felt His presence

All pervading
Love ineffable
Ever aiding

His Divine grace
Soothed my soul
My appetite insatiable
For His love and to extol


When we hear the beautiful strains of the Lord's bansuri (flute) we are blessed and yet we so easily forget His love and grace. His melody is everlasting, always enticing, yet we choose only to listen when we need something.

Our love for the Lord is so fragile
It waxes and wanes like the moon
But His love is steadfast without guile
Eternal, and ready to grant any boon

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