Saturday, March 14, 2015

Eyes Of The Goddess

She closed her eyes in eternal sleep
Her dreams fading into nothing
In life she was her parent's goddess
Kind and compassionate and loving

Her tired body could hold no more
Her soul traumatised and fading
And as she crossed into the light
The Goddess of love stood waiting

Into her arms went the tormented soul
Eyes filled with love She caressed
For the good of all she had sacrificed
Her time had come to be blessed

Her wretched rapists unfeeling and brutal
Think that in their hands lie power
But when they meet that mighty Goddess
In Her eyes will they see anger and fire.

The Goddess metes out to every soul
Karmic lessons due
Swift to love and swift to bless
And swift to punish too

The eyes of the Goddess watch us all
Can you feel her stare?
Fiery and rage filled if you stray
Or tender with love and care.

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