Friday, November 6, 2015


For a few hushed moments. I sat in solitude
Watching majestic mountains, Giving gratitude

The silence so refreshing, Quietening the mind
My soul nourishing, Answers I could find

In meditative Zenning, Perhaps a connection I did make
A spark of self healing, In a Divinely loving state

I liked that quiet moment, When serenity prevailed
Tranquility so potent, Renewal it entailed

But did it really happen, Did I reach that heavenly state
Was it something I imagined, Regardless I celebrate


Written for:
Midweek Motif - Tranquility (poem to be limited to 3-17 lines in any form)
With Real Toads - Celebrate something that never happened. In my poem the "never happened" is more a question of did it really happen or did I imagine it. 

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