Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moon of Eternity

The moon has always been linked to Romance.
So my poem today is being linked to GBE2's prompt - Romance

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Perigee moon, Wellington, NZ

Oh moon of eternity

Silent witness of my timeless journey

Reflecting the soul of my beloved

Whose thousand faces I have beheld and loved

And captured in the depths of my heart.

Mobilise your silken moonbeams

To weave me back to that endless heaven

Where my spirit entwines with my immortal lover

And dances upon the wings of romance.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Do you believe in messages from the other side?  This poem is the result of a wonderful message I received.

It's also a response to this week's prompt for the The Thursday Writer's Post hosted by Magical Mystical Mimi.
"With pure honesty, the honesty of a child, say one thing today"

I've wanted to do a poetry blog for a long time and this seemed to be the moment for that too

So here it is ... that one thing  ....  straight from my heart

image courtesy Victor Habbick  http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

I wish I could've told you
Just how much you meant to me
But I was much too young to think
Of love and reverie

Our eyes did meet just now and then
I knew that you were special
And in your eyes I saw your love
And secret admiration

And then our paths swerved and diverged
We went our separate ways
I always hoped we'd meet again
And spend our lifetime days

You left this world so young and sudden
Destiny played its part
Soulmates not meant to be together
A romance not meant to start

You always were a gentle soul
So sweet with quiet strength
Did you know your time was up
Hence kept me at arms length?

You know the Lord did save me
He was harsh but very wise
He knew I would have crumpled
Hence you were not my prize

Your handsome face etched in my mind
How could I that erase
Your image imprinted in my heart
And so hard to replace

Someday there'll be another
A love that I will find
I know you'll send him to me
Your gift of love so kind

And when my time on earth is up
I hope that you will be
Waiting on the other side
To walk that path with me

I wish I could've told you
How much you meant to me
But you already know that
My heart you hear and see.


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