Thursday, October 2, 2014


The sunrise that heralds a new day
The wind that blows those cobwebs away

The birds that fly high and low
The flowers that blossom and trees that grow

The clouds that look like cotton wool
The thunderstorm, the rain so cool

The lightening that frightens some
A gloomy day that makes us glum

The butterfly, the moth, the bee
The rivers, and the sand and sea

The hills and mountains majestic and tall
The cliffs and tumbling waterfall

The multitude of animals that live in forests
The mirages and the shifting desserts

The wonders of Nature we take for granted
All of creation of which we are enchanted

Perhaps it's all illusion, the conjuring magic of our Creator
Yet man and his inventions often think that they are greater


Written for Poetry Jam
Linking to Poetry Pantry #221

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