Saturday, January 9, 2016


I searched for joy in places near and far
I left no stone unturned
But joy it ran like a speeding car
And all my efforts spurned

I thought I'd find it in my things
In exciting adventures
In all the things that shine and bling
In fortune fame and treasure

Perhaps I'd trap it in a Winter drift 
Or in February, May or September
Maybe it will be a gift
I get in a day in October

The more I tried, the more I failed
For joy could not be caught
I shouted loud and cajoled and hailed
Seemed like with me it fought

One day I left that battle field
And blended in with nature
With no expectation of any yield
Or fear of any failure

And then I sensed it all around
Joy always exists
It's not a thing that can be found
Within you it just is.

Linking to:
Poet's United Midweek Motif - Joy
With Real Toads - February song by Dar Williams

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