Thursday, October 29, 2015

If I Could Walk With Angels

Written for:
Animation with Midweek Motif
Artistic Impressions (photo prompt) with Real Toads

If I could walk with Angels
I wonder what I'd see
Dwellings made of fluffy clouds
Or shimmering cities in the sea
Perhaps flowers glowing in meadows
With prancing Unicorns
A crystal lake with rainbow lights
And golden baby fawns

If I could dance with Angels
We'd be flying in the skies
Through cities made of pretty gems
Through stars like twinkling eyes
We'd leave a trail of neon lights
And sparkling diamond bands
And swirls of jewelled moonbeams
Through mystical cosmic lands

Perhaps I walk with Angels
Each and every day
Perhaps they also dance with me
And speak and sing and play 
When life takes me through the woods
With falling leaves that startle
With Angel swish trees change to lollipops
And luck comes through a feng shui turtle

I wonder what they look like
Perhaps like you and me
Or the face I saw upon a board
Or like the sweet child running free
I know I walk with Angels
And dance and sing and play
And when I hear the swish of wings
I know they are here to stay.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fire up that passion

In the midst of all confusion
An answer suddenly appears
Destroying all illusion
Removing every fear

Perhaps it's not what you expected
Opposite to your thoughts
Something you rejected
Or secretly longed for

Embrace the presented moment
The event is meant to be
Perhaps time for some atonement
Or just to rest and see

Fire up the passion
For what you truly want to do
Take the time for self compassion
Make your wildest dreams come true

Poem inspired by recent events in my life.

September was an up and down month. I finished up at work 30 Sept as my contract came to an end. Initially I was on the lookout for a new contract and was getting anxious about not finding a job quickly until I got hit with the flu with a vengeance that completely drained me - no energy, no appetite, no strength.

And on the last day at work I just made a split second decision that I was going to take a few months off and simply enjoy life. It's been a hard year and I've done some long hours at work. Not complaining as I've enjoyed every moment of it. But I do need the rest and time for myself to do the things I want to do and to stop and smell the roses and to enjoy the camellias in my garden and to ignite that fire within me to write and rhyme and photograph and dream.

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