Thursday, October 29, 2015

If I Could Walk With Angels

Written for:
Animation with Midweek Motif
Artistic Impressions (photo prompt) with Real Toads

If I could walk with Angels
I wonder what I'd see
Dwellings made of fluffy clouds
Or shimmering cities in the sea
Perhaps flowers glowing in meadows
With prancing Unicorns
A crystal lake with rainbow lights
And golden baby fawns

If I could dance with Angels
We'd be flying in the skies
Through cities made of pretty gems
Through stars like twinkling eyes
We'd leave a trail of neon lights
And sparkling diamond bands
And swirls of jewelled moonbeams
Through mystical cosmic lands

Perhaps I walk with Angels
Each and every day
Perhaps they also dance with me
And speak and sing and play 
When life takes me through the woods
With falling leaves that startle
With Angel swish trees change to lollipops
And luck comes through a feng shui turtle

I wonder what they look like
Perhaps like you and me
Or the face I saw upon a board
Or like the sweet child running free
I know I walk with Angels
And dance and sing and play
And when I hear the swish of wings
I know they are here to stay.

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  1. I adore the feng shui turtle! I can picture the flow of this poem in animation, the images are strong and unique.

  2. Lollipops and feng shui turtles - simply love that - and yes angels are everywhere if we are open enough to look - a magical poem

  3. From title to closing lines, this was a joy to read, Suzi! Walking with angels.....what a lovely thought. I believe we do, even though we might not always know it.

  4. Suzy your poem has a rhythm much like a dance with long flowing (angel) dresses. Your words are serene and beautiful

  5. I really enjoyed your wonderings in this poem, Suzy. It makes me feel lighter to read it. I have the feeling I am dancing with angels. Smiles!

  6. I think your life among angels is a lot different from the image of sitting on a cloud playing a cloud...

  7. a great wish poem, spiritual and celestial

  8. A lovely tribute to a beautiful desirable lady
    “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” -- Marilyn Munroe

    have a nice Saturday

    much love...

  9. wow thats a beautiful poem, Suzy dear. Love the rhythm in it, and the words too:-)

  10. Third stanza particularly lovely and the end rhymes really work with this gently flowing ode to Angels.

  11. I think they could look like, "you and me," thought-provoking poem!


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