Saturday, February 28, 2015

When Dharma Graced The Earth

In honour of International Mother Language Day on 21 February.  

From Wikipedia:
"International Mother Language Day . . .  is an observance held annually worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism."

Compose a poem on any subject/event which includes an experience of more than one language.  Make us experience it too.

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In Ayodhya did Lord Ram take birth
In the era of Treta Yug
And Sita Dharti Mata's (Mother Earth) girl
Born as his love so true.

His purpose to come upon this Earth
Vinash (Destruction) of evil that was spreading
To also show our atma's (soul) true worth
And soul's liberating.

Dharma (Righteousness) was His life's principle
Maryada Purushottam (Lord Ram the Greatest of men)
A warrior gentle but invincible 
Sweet Sita his prema (love) devotion.

How blessed were they in Treta Yug
With Him to be face to face
Perhaps they'd done some great punya (merits)
To earn his love and grace.

The Lord has promised in every yug (age)
To walk upon the Earth
And so in this troubled age of Kali Yug
We await that Divya (Divine) birth.


Lord Ram = 7th avatar of Bhagwan (God) Vishnu

Sita = avatar of Goddess Laxmi, Lord Vishnu's consort

Yug = an era within a four age cycle called a kalpa, A kalpa is the period of time between the creation and recreation of a world or universe (from Wikipedia)

Treta Yug = the 2nd cycle within a kalpa

Kali Yug = the 4th age within a kalpa and the current age we are in. Kali Yug is supposed to be the age of destruction after which the golden age (Satya Yug) will begin again.

Dharma = is a difficult concept to explain as it encompasses many things - right action, right thought, right speech, right conduct, right way of living, virtues, respect, duty, good character, upholding law and order, religious / spiritual merit among other things.

Maryada Purushottam = Maryada = limits,  Purushottam - greatest of all men. Lord Ram although Divine and the avatar of Lord Vishnu always acted within human limitations and did not use his Divine powers. He was a loving son, brother, husband, father, king, friend and an upholder of dharma. He was a great and fearless warrior and annihilated evil from the Earth. Hence he was called Maryada Purshottam the greatest of all men who lived upholding human limitations.

Punya =  that which accumulates as a result of good deeds, acts, or thoughts and which carries over throughout the life or the subsequent incarnations (from Wikipedia)

God's promise:
Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharatha
Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Tadathmanam Srijamyaham.
Parithranaya Sadhunam Vinashayacha Dushkritham
Dharma Samsthapanarthaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge 

Whenever there is a fall in righteousness and a rise of unrighteousness, 
I manifest
For the protection of the good, for the annihilation of evil and 
to re-establish righteousness, I appear millennium after millennium.

~Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita~

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Is Not A Greeting Card

The love story of Lord Rama and Sita is timeless and Divine. A love for all seasons.

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What would I say to Sita if I were Lord Rama?

Oh Sita, behold the resplendent full moon that hides when you walk by
For it cannot match your effulgent light that is a beacon in space

Oh Sita, the flowers of the forest long to be fragrant like you
For you are the sweet scent of purity and joy

Oh Sita, the birds of the world listen intently when you speak
For your words are the melodious sound of the Universe

Oh Sita, without you this Rama is like a boat lost at sea
For you are balm that soothes the turbulent waters of my mind

Oh Sita, without you this Rama is bereft of life itself
For you are the essence of my soul and the breath of my cosmos

What would I say to Lord Rama if I were Sita?

Oh Rama, the glorious sun is dark like the night
For it cannot match the brilliance of your iridescence

Oh Rama, even the mighty thunderous waterfall cannot match your strength
For it is your gentleness that conquers the most formidable foe

Oh Rama, the animals of the forest are mesmerised by your gracefulness
And the lion bows at your feet not from fear but reverence

Oh Rama, without you this Sita has no existence
For you are the life force within me

Oh Rama, this Sita thanks the Lord of all Universes
For each moment in time, for the honour of your love, for the bliss that is you.


Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta

(Lord Rama is eternal, infinite, timeless and so are His tales)

Lord of all Universes = Lord Rama
Hari = Lord Vishnu = Lord Rama
Anant / Ananta = eternal, infinite, timeless
Katha = story / tale / narration

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Choices We Make

My 50th poem!

I wrote a poem for a guest post I did for Carol Graham's blog Battered Hope early this month. Thought I would share it here as well.

I wrote this poem on the bus on the way to work. Observing people on the bus and outside on the streets was the inspiration for this poem.

We reach our destinations
In our own time and way
Many stops at many stations
Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay

Many points of destiny
Some choices we can make
Don't give it too much scrutiny
There's always give and take

All things in life must balance
No constant joy or sorrow
Most things are not a game of chance
In His plan we trust and follow.


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