Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Choices We Make

My 50th poem!

I wrote a poem for a guest post I did for Carol Graham's blog Battered Hope early this month. Thought I would share it here as well.

I wrote this poem on the bus on the way to work. Observing people on the bus and outside on the streets was the inspiration for this poem.

We reach our destinations
In our own time and way
Many stops at many stations
Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay

Many points of destiny
Some choices we can make
Don't give it too much scrutiny
There's always give and take

All things in life must balance
No constant joy or sorrow
Most things are not a game of chance
In His plan we trust and follow.


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  1. The stops at many stations are fun, hope there are many more.

    1. Thanks Old Egg. I hope there are many more too and hopefully they are all fun.

  2. yes the only constant in life is change of many destinations


    1. Thanks Marcoantonio.You summed it up very nicely.

  3. Sometimes it certainly doesn't pay topper think the journey but just to take the pleasures from it that we can..happy 50th poem

    1. Thanks Jae. Very true. The journey is meant to be just simply enjoyed.

  4. indeed, life is like a ride on a train.

  5. Gentle, forgiving, and yet pro-active as well. With the help of God and friends, we will know how long to stay at each station.

  6. Life is like a bus-trip.. what a great sentiment... and I think alas there are many just standing beside waiting for a bus or lacking the fare..

  7. Yes, in the end it does seem that there is a balance. We have to trust that....

  8. 'In His plan we trust & follow'--- Amen! You wrote an inspiring piece with an important message in it. Lovely!

    - ksm

  9. We do have to find our own ways and no one's road is like another's--lovely write this morning!

  10. Life is like a bus full of passengers isn't it Suzy....'In our own time and way'

  11. I like the idea of life as a train.

  12. Congratulations on your 50th poem. Beautiful poem.

  13. So simple yet so tender...specially loved the last lines, "Most things are not a game of chance, In His plan we trust and follow". . .Glad I found your blog. Looking forward to further reads :)

  14. I liked the rhyming pattern of this poem, and the message it conveys :-)


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