Sunday, December 29, 2013

In A Time Gone By

Written for: Real Toads and  Blogadda WoW

Real Toads prompt
What would it be like if we were stuck in (or have regressed to) the past? Write from the perspective of yourself or another person (real or imagined) who can’t seem to live in the present or look forward; someone who dwells in a supposedly more magnificent or rewarding past time, and behaves accordingly.

Blogadda WoW prompt
Your entry must contain a word in all its three degrees of comparison. For example: Good, Better, Best! or Great, Greater, Greatest!

image source: google images

He looked magnificent
Lean and tall
Upon his chariot
I watched in awe

His bow and his arrows
He carried with grace
Strength of a warrior
But gentle of face

He seemed so familiar
Yet I knew him not
Who was this stranger?
With eyes tender and soft

Graceful and ethereal
He looked so Divine
Joyous he made me feel
Somehow I knew he was mine

Did he know that I watched him?
For suddenly he smiled
My senses he made them swim
As his eyes beheld mine

My garland of flowers 
Upon his neck looked so grand
His heart he empowered
Into my trembling hands

In a time long gone 
Was this love sweet and pure
A match made in Heaven
Through aeons it endures

Let me stay in that moment 
When his eyes beheld mine
And true love was unspoken
And hearts were entwined

For great is He, my love story
Greater than any in time
The greatest ever in glory
And supremely sublime

My take on Sita's view of Lord Rama

(And don't forget to read Lord Rama's view of Sita at She Looked Most Beautiful)

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

and it got chosen as a WOW post

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The gift

Written for  Poetry Jam - Gifts   Verse First - Gifts and Blessings
Linking to   dVerse Open Link Night 126    Poetry Pantry 180 
                     Real Toads Open Link Monday
image source: google images

The heart of gold you gave to me
A symbol from the blue
An angel handed it to me
In a dream I lived with you

Your soul you merged with mine through that
A message of your love
My body bathed in your enchanting glow
And peaceful like a dove

The heart of gold you gave to me
A symbol of our love
My heart is joined with yours you said
In an everlasting bond


This poem is based on an event that took place during one of my meditations recently. Feeling blessed.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bolt From The Blue

Written for:  Verse First   Poetry Jam

taken on the way to the farmer's market

A bolt from the blue that changes perspectives
The world suddenly seems like a different place
An ordinary scene looks amazingly attractive
Long reaching branches of green look like lace
Each curve of the lush rolling hillside held me captive
The river seemed peaceful and so full of grace
This masterpiece, astounding, sheer magic, and oh it put a smile on my face


Verse First
Writer's often assume they must be in a particular place, using specific tools, with just the write atmosphere to write. I challenge that. Today, do not allow yourself to follow you own ritual and routine. Go to a place where you've never before written. Then write.  One poem. 7 lines in length. Make it perfect. 

Poetry Jam
So what does the image of Lightning bring to your mind?

This morning I went to the farmers market as I do each Saturday. And during the drive there I watch the scene go by without any thought or appreciation, but today suddenly for a short moment in time (like a bolt of lightening from the blue), the usual, everyday, ordinary scenery looked amazingly beautiful.

And so I wrote this poem imagining I was in that car this morning - a virtual drive - Never written a poem during a virtual drive nor of the drive to the market!

How uncanny that both prompts today at Verse First and Poetry Jam fit in perfectly with this morning's sudden moment of wonder.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Love With Which It's Given

Written for:

Verse First - The Ordinary
Write about something quite ordinary. In the words of Natalie Goldberg, "Give homage to old coffee cups, sparrows, city buses, thin ham sandwiches."

Poetry Jam - The Last
Use any meaning of last, the final, the most recent, or keeping something going. I am sure there are some other uses of the word "last,"  so go where you will with it. And just for fun lets say it in 20 lines or less. 

my little mug given with love by my daughter on my birthday

My ordinary little mug
Sits on the kitchen bench
By my ordinary electric jug
Each morning I do clench

But ordinary this is not
With love to me it came
With love and care it was bought
A present with my name

Someday it will crack and break
Nothing lasts forever
But till then a special place it will take
And my thirst we'll quench together

And when it can't be used again
With sadness I'll let it go
But in my heart it will remain
For love just makes that so

Things don't last forever
That I know is certain
But what lasts and what we treasure
Is the love with which it's given


Also linking to:
Poetry Pantry #176   
GBE2 - Rhyme Time
dVerse Open Link Night #123

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Running with me

Written for:

The Write Tribe
Pick one of the provided quotes from Ernest Hemingway and write on that quote. The quote I've chosen is:
You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another ~ from The Sun Also Rises

Poetry Jam:
Write about what you know for sure, what you don't know for sure, what you wish you knew for sure and use one of the provided quotes to write a poem. The quote I've chosen is:
If we cannot name our own, we are cut off at the root, our hold on our lives as fragile as seed in a wind

The body becomes the landscape

creation of Carl Warner

I can't get away from myself by moving from one place to another
My load I carry everywhere, that much I know
No matter where I run it's never going to be further
For with me I travel wherever I go

I don't know what you look like or from whence you came
But without you I would be lost, that much I know
What would my life be if your guidance you refrain
My life would be more ebb and less of the flow

Wherever I travel, I blend in with the landscape
For earth is my present home, that much I know
My travels with you, my soul, my life does reshape
And through my adventures you learn and you grow

I wish I knew the reason for this life's quest
But you know all lifetimes, that much I know
And each step that I take is a cause and effect
And of journeys you planned a long time ago.

This was a real challenge trying to combine all three prompts, but that I wanted to combine them was something I knew I needed to do - challenge myself a bit. I hope I managed to make some sense of what I wrote.

Linking to:
Poetry Pantry #175
dVerse Open Link Night #122

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Cried Out

Written for:  Verse First    Poetry Jam    G-Man    WoW
Also linking to:  Poetry Pantry #164        dVerse Open Link Night #111

Verse First - I cried out
Write in the first person. Avoid cliches; eschew the ordinary. Surprise, inspire, educate, elucidate. That's it. 

Wow - Fun with Repetition
your entry has to have one sentence that is repeated at least thrice in your post. You cannot repeat the sentence consecutively.

image source: google images

Why are you so elusive
I cried out, my beloved Lord
My soul it cannot truly live
Without your love and accord

I cannot find you anywhere
I cried out, my beloved Lord
My soul is weary with many a tear
My heart desolate and gored

Please hear my prayer 
I cried out, my beloved Lord
For you are my life, and breath and air
For aeons you I have adored

Let me hear your sweet flute
I cried out, my beloved Lord
For that's my guiding star, the route
That makes my spirit soar.


Poetry Jam - Vision  and  G-Man -Friday Flash 55

The vision of You
Is a sight to behold
A beautiful blue
And a halo of gold

I sat in awe
As she described You to me
My soul did soar
You set my spirit free

A moment Divine
Is now etched in my soul
I long for another sign
And your vision to hold.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out themes for creative writing each weekend for Indian bloggers.

Update 30/10/2013 - My post was selected as a WoW post


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writers are Lovers

Written for: Verse First and Poetry Jam
Linking to:  Poetry Pantry and dVerse Open Link Night

Verse First - Writers are Lovers
Choose one poet you adore and write a piece to honour or express that adoration. 
One of my favourite poets is Jalaludin Rumi. So my poem today is to honour this great poet. My blog headline is a quote by Rumi.

image source: wikipedia

Oh Rumi
Ardent student of Tabrizi
Your poems soothe the soul

Spiritual ecstasy
Divine intimacy
An ode to Spirit
Does truly uplift

Devotion to love
Peaceful like a dove
Heavenly mysticism
Entwined in Him

Spiritually liberating
Life exhilarating
Immortalised in verse
With heartfelt verve

Oh Rumi
Ardent student of Tabrizi
A gift for those who seek their soul


Poetry Jam - Steps

Life is a journey
Starts with one step
Easy or stormy
Like the flow and ebb

Each step that I take
I learn something new
Asleep or awake
Takes me closer to You

What will I take away?
When I stop my own tread
Savour each moment and day
Don't think too far ahead

Life is a journey
To feel and know
A gift not a tourney
Take steps to grow


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Sunday, October 6, 2013

He Said, She Said and a Backward Twist

Written for:  Verse First  and  Poetry Jam
Linking to:   dVerse Open Link Night #117

image source: google images

He said it didn't matter if he was there or here
As she was entrenched inside his soul whether far or near

She said even though she understood the spiritual concept
Earthly limits play a part in her feeling quite inept

He said he heard her every word, felt her love and care
Their souls were tightly intertwined, bonds unbreakable and rare

She said she didn't understand why they journey so apart
Although his thoughts do bring her peace they also break her heart

He said that when her time was up he would be waiting on that side
She said the purpose of her life she first had to abide.


She said the purpose of her life she first had to abide
He said that when her time was up he would be waiting on that side

Although his thoughts do bring her peace they also break her heart
She said she didn't understand why they journey so apart

Their souls were tightly intertwined, bonds unbreakable and rare
He said he heard her every word, felt her love and care

Earthly limits play a part in her feeling quite inept
She said even though she understood the spiritual concept

As she was entrenched inside his soul whether far or near
He said it didn't matter if he was there or here.


Verse First prompt
Poet and short story writer Grace Paley said, "It is the responsibility of writers to listen to gossip and pass it on. It is the way all storytellers learn about life."
Natalie Goldberg expounded on this idea by saying, "We should learn to talk, not with judgment, greed or envy, but with compassion, wonder and amazement."
Today you have some options. Write about gossip. Write about what happens when wagging tongues do harm. Or not. Write a poem of conversation. Or write about the growth potential when interactions are based on compassion, wonder and amazement. You choose.

Poetry Jam
Write a short poem, 12 lines or less, and then read it backward, from the bottom up. The lines aren't backward, just the order of the lines. Rewrite the poem backward, with the last line first and the first line last: a palindrome poem.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Connections

Written for:  Verse First  and  Poetry Jam

Verse First - Interconnected
 Natalie Goldberg once said, "We are all interwoven and create each other's universes... We don't live for ourselves; we are all interconnected."
You affect me. I affect you. One action begets a series of reactions, which expand the web of connectedness. Every action is a pebble in the pond, every reaction a ripple. And so it goes. Consider the vast truth of this and write about it.

Poetry Jam - October
Be inspired by the month of October. Share what October means to you.

image courtesy of markuso

Oh what passion do you ignite
Like a bird soaring high my soul takes flight

A whisper a thought I feel in my heart
Though we are countless miles apart

An invisible connection we do share
An eternal bond so true and rare

Do I meet you in travels to spiritual lands
Do you feed my spirit to knowledge expand

You are the flame that beckons my soul
And only with you can I be whole


A time in October I came on this Earth
To meet you here, to share some mirth

But Destiny plays a cruel game
Doused your fire, put out the flame

Connections we share through space and time
Knowing you are mine is a feeling sublime

I reach for you through invisible veils
To guide the boat of my life for you are its sails

A time in October I might come again to this Earth
Can we journey here together in my next birth?


I wrote the first poem a long time ago and thought it fit the prompt.
October is a special month for me, the beginning of my life.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just Past Centre Battles

Written for  Verse First    Poetry Jam    GBE2
Linking to    Poetry Pantry #168   dVerse Open Link Night #115

Verse First - Just past the centre
We are, now, just past September's center. Funny way to look at a span of time, from the center. But that is exactly what I want you to do. Look at something, anything really, from just past center. It could be your life, your kitchen table or even a task at hand. It could be your equilibrium, your goals, a relationship or... Whatever you choose, write a poem from the perspective of Just past center.

GBE2 - Imperfection
All things must balance
That's my belief
Life's like a dance
Unbalanced it's grief

Sometimes a new venture
Swings left, then right
Just past centre
No use being uptight

A little imperfection
Much easier to achieve
It's a matter of perception
And what you believe

All things must balance
The ride up and down
Life needs an easy stance
Smile, don't frown


Poetry Jam - Battles
Mind is a battlefield
Of earthly understanding
Heart is a vault unsealed
Of Divinity enchanting

Sometimes the mind wins
It's morality's tool
It keeps us from sins
And within earthly rules 

But the heart is blissful
It tolerates the mind
Its connection is universal
Invisible and kind

There's balance in life
When mind and heart agree
Then our journey is free of strife
And the spirit is free

Mind is a battlefield
Of earthly understanding
Heart is a vault unsealed
Of Divinity enchanting


Paying it forward
This week I feature Mary's Just past centre - loved her take on the prompt and it made me smile

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Ode To Places

Written for:  Verse First   and  Poetry Jam

Verse First - The Places I Love
Consider the places you love and all that they mean to you. Say their names aloud. Listen to their rhythm. Embrace the emotions they evoke, and then write an ode to those wondrous locales.

author's image taken from my lounge

In this life there are places I've seen
Wondrous, beautiful and so serene

The hills and mountains spiritual and grand
Valleys and plains all across the land

Woods and forests quiet and mysterious
But explore with care for they can be nefarious

Rivers and streams and babbling brooks
Crags and cliffs and caves and nooks

Meadows of flowers, shores and the sea
Any place where my spirit is free

These are the places in this world that I love
Breathtaking, amazing, and those I'm in awe of


Poetry Jam - Lost
Reflect on something "lost" and write about it.  Or a time you were lost.  Or a way you were lost.  Or perhaps think about what you would like to be able to lose?

image sources - google images and wikipedia

I am lost in my dreams
Of places unseen
The ones that my soul longs for

Where the Gods walked the Earth
To teach us our worth
And karma, dharma and more

I am lost in my dreams
Of places unseen
Or somewhere before have explored?

In a time long gone by
That I see in my mind's eye
Perhaps lifetimes that I came in before.


dharma = right thought, right speech, right action, duty

How strange that I recently took part in a blog festival via my blog Someday Somewhere and my chosen theme was 7 journeys I would love to take. I was truly lost in my dreams those 7 days.

Featuring poems
One of the things I learned through that festival was that it gave me great joy to pay it forward by featuring posts so will be doing that in future on all my posts. So here is one that I absolutely loved: Helen's Lost Youth.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obsession and Steps

Written for:  Verse First   Poetry Jam

Verse First - Obsession
Make a list of obsessions - free flow for 15 minutes.  Select three obsessions from your list. Write a three-stanza poem, one stanza per obsession

Camera and Lord Ram images from google images

Oh camera, the medium of my precious memories
I am lost without your presence
For when those moments appear on my journeys
You are the one that captures their essence

Oh pretty dangly earrings that beatify
You sparkle as you swing
You never fail to catch my eye
Your loveliness makes me smile and sing

Oh Lord, you are my refuge and my joy
You are the melody of my soul
And when life falls apart or does annoy
Then Your love steps in and makes me whole


Poetry Jam - Steps
Wherever we go, whatever we do steps are always there. Just putting one foot in front of each other is taking a step forward. So this week think about and write about steps. Where would you like steps to take you? Do you make steps in your personal life? Do you follow others steps? Do you hate steps and the restrictions they can bring? 

image by sattva from

Let each step I take be ever mindful of Your presence
Let each step I take for another life make a difference

Let each step I take be always in the reflection of Your love
Let each step I take be guided by You from above

Let each step I take be Your work that I do
Let each step I take bring me closer to You



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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Paper and The Tree

Written for the following prompts:
Verse First - Edit to elevate
One Single Impression - Farewell
Linking to:
Poetry Pantry #163

Verse First - Edit to elevate

Write a poem about something exceedingly ordinary, something completely mundane. Edit it to elevate it. Turn it into art. Choose your words carefully, using only those conveying your specific intent. Remove everything that doesn't serve you well. 

So here's my poem for the prompt. Please leave your thoughts on my poem in the comments. Suggestions to make it better are welcome. Thanks.

The Paper

They say someday you'll be extinct
When paperless offices blossom
But you quietly smile and wink
Knowing these thoughts are like flotsam

It's environmentally friendly 
Call the techno advocates
Paper and tree look on bemusedly
While air and landscape deteriorate

It's not the paper that's at fault
It's man's lack of caring
Tree and paper exist not apart
But enjoy each other's sharing

If man made paper from dying tree
Instead of destroying younglings
Our precious world would be fresh and free
And a friendly place for earthlings.

The circle of life applies to all
Not selectively; that's man's misunderstanding
Nature doesn't make us fall
It's our careless thought and handling


OSI - Farewell
and The Tree

The dying tree bade farewell
To the little ones around it

Use me, to man it cried out aloud
For I'm the one unfit

Don't leave me here to rot in pain
Set my spirit free to your benefit

Spare my young ones, let them grow
Dear Lord, let man that permit


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ode to Music

Written for Verse First - Difficulty
Linking to: Poetry Pantry #162

"More often than not in poetry I find difficulty to be gratuitous and show-offy and  camouflaging, experimental to a kind of insane degree--a difficulty which really ignores the possibility of having a sensible reader." Billy Collins

Your assignment should be clear. Write a poem, no more than three stanzas, that is completely free of "gratuitous, show-offy, camouflaging" text. 

image source: google images

Music soothes my heart
It brings me peace
It relaxes my mind
So my troubles can release

Music makes my spirit dance
It makes me smile
It fills me with joy
So I can dream awhile

Music makes my soul soar
It inspires and lifts
It brings me closer to Him
So I can receive His blessings and gifts


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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Flower

Written for Verse First

This week's assignment: Read The Red Wheelbarrow, then write an eight line poem of your own whose simplicity is equally complex.

She held it delicately
the pretty pink flower

trying not to lose
tiny dewdrops

clinging to open petals
little transparent beads

touched by fingers
felt soft and wet


Also linking to:  Poetry Pantry #161   dVerse Open Link Night #108

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Close to the Source I Swoon.

Written for the following prompts:
One Single Impression - Swoon
The Verse First - Close to the source
Linking to: Poetry Pantry #160   dVerse Open Link Night #107

Verse First's - Close to the source:
Good writing takes the reader on location. Good writing doesn't "talk about," but emanates the warmth, light and life of the topic at hand.  A good poem feels vivid and visceral and close to the source. Today, become the experience. Write from the source. With detailed yet precise language, make us feel your meaning. 

So here is my attempt, please let me know if I achieved the goal above and let me know if there were any improvements I could make. Drop by and leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks.

A haunting melody
Whispering through the forest mist
Tickling my senses
Like a magnet I am drawn

Earthy boots crunching on fallen leaves
Searching blindly for that sweet sound
Footsteps quickening 
Anticipation testing my patience

The gurgling sound of a rushing brook
Mesmerising sweet refrain, tantalizingly near
Feet running fast, heartbeats quickening
Eyes aching to behold that source


One Single Impression - Swoon

And having beheld that source ..

There you sit by the pretty gulmohar
Under the light of a silken moon
That mesmerising sweet refrain
My senses begin to swoon

Mind intoxicated by your presence
Heart a flutter dancing wildly
Senses swimming uncontrollably 
Eyes locked and loving blindly.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lesson

Today I have the privilege of being the host for The Writers' Post blog hop and my chosen prompt is "The Lesson".

My belief is that we all arrive into this world into this life so our souls may learn and grow.

So life presents us with situations to learn the lessons we are here to learn. And the situations present themselves over and over again until the lesson is learned.

If we look back at our lives, we can see a pattern emerge and from that we can establish the lesson(s) we are meant to learn. Steve Jobs put this quite nicely as "looking back to join the dots".

If the lesson evades us I believe that we carry it through from life to life until eventually we conquer and move on.

Over the years I have realised that there are a few lessons I'm pretty sure my soul is here to learn. Perhaps my karma is intertwined into this.

One of these I am sure is forgiveness.  Looking back to "join up the dots", I can see so many situations where an opportunity to learn forgiveness was presented. And I have finally learned to let go of bitterness where events have occurred that have been hurtful or where I felt betrayed or wronged.

So here's a poem I wrote and stored away for that opportunity to share. 

Image courtesy of akeeris

Oh forgiveness, you demanding friend
Through many journeys my soul you bend

A heavy load I carry through aeons
In life after life as queens or minions

My spirit is worn down and heavily chained
That elusive lesson from my mind refrained

A flash of light, a beautiful blue
A Divine intervention experienced by few

A message is handed in the kindest of ways
The mind is enlightened, dissolved is the haze

In anger I walked off, tired and weary
In proving my love was pure and worthy

should've forgiven, looked into your heart
We may have journeyed together, instead of apart.


This poem is inspired by a past life reading that I had. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. So truly the lesson of forgiveness I have carried over from a life a long long long long time ago. 

So what is The Lesson for you?

Fact or fiction, poetry or prose, take this prompt as you will and share The Lesson. Then link up with the linky below and please link back to my post.

I look forward to reading your lesson.

Also linking this post to: Poets United Poetry Pantry and dVerse

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Appetite and Omniscience

The prompt this week at Verse First is Appetite.  But as I missed last week's prompt Omniscience I thought I would combine both

And also linking to One Single Impression - Fragile

image source: google images

A soothing melody
Invaded my daydream
Gently flowing
Like a singing stream

It teased my thoughts
It disturbed my reverie
It opened my eyes
It shook my lethargy

It came and went 
And it was haunting
I was captivated
It increased my longing

I closed my eyes
To capture its essence
It filled me with bliss
I felt His presence

All pervading
Love ineffable
Ever aiding

His Divine grace
Soothed my soul
My appetite insatiable
For His love and to extol


When we hear the beautiful strains of the Lord's bansuri (flute) we are blessed and yet we so easily forget His love and grace. His melody is everlasting, always enticing, yet we choose only to listen when we need something.

Our love for the Lord is so fragile
It waxes and wanes like the moon
But His love is steadfast without guile
Eternal, and ready to grant any boon

Also linking to dVerse Open Link Night #104

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Long and Short of it

The prompt this week at Verse First is The Long and Short of it:

say what you must in the quickest and simplest way possible.

and that means a haiku

Nature's fury photo from TV one news video

Mother Earth angry 
She's warning us to behave
Worst storm in decades

The storm was scary
Thundering winds lashing rain
Carnage everywhere

(see my post on my photo blog for more details - worst storm in 45 years hits Wellington with winds upto 200kmph)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Siblings and Birthdays

This year my brother and cousin celebrate a milestone birthday (60th) and as the prompt at GBE2 is Siblings I thought I would write about them.

To my brother

Great achievements all your life
A great role model for my children
Calm and collected during strife
When you speak we listen

To my cousin

You dedicate your life to help the needy
Educating children who cannot afford
Always happy to lend a hand readily
My faith in humanity you restored

My cousin runs a school for hearing impaired children from low socio economic backgrounds that provides them with free education. I have entered a writing challenge and if I win, I will donate the prize to her school.

Please visit my post at

Your visit and comments may help me win and thereby help these children that otherwise would not have the means to have an education. A little goes a long way.

My sincere thanks to all.

And Happy Birthday A and B. All good wishes for the year ahead.

image by tiverylucky

Update: Thanks Everyone who dropped by my Umwelt post. Unfortunately I didn't win, but here is the winning entry by Bhavya

Also linking to:
dVerse Open Link Night #101
Birthday prompt hosted by Bhavya for The Thursday Writers Post blog hop

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


The prompt this week at Verse First is "Move" based on:

March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path.
~ by Khalil Gibran

I came upon that forked road
And suddenly I stopped
I couldn't tell which one to take
From one to the other I hopped

The left looked better than the right
Until I stepped upon that path
And then on the other I saw a light
Drawn to it I was like a moth

Take the right no take the left
My mind cried out in glee
Created confusion all around
Like a boat tossed on a rocky sea

In the end it doesn't matter
Whichever one we walk
Each road it leads to our destiny
Move on, don't stop or baulk!


Life throws many wrinkles
Like forked roads in our way
It can be sweet like chocolate sprinkles
When boldly our fears we allay

Linking to: 
One Single Impression - Wrinkle

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Remember

The prompt this week at Verse First is a free write with the words

 "I remember"

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I remember
As the rain splashes against the window and I gaze out across the greenfields
I thought I saw you standing there looking back at me

I wonder if you remember the time we cycled in the streets of Chichen Itza
The wind blowing through your hair as I sat in front and watched you
We were young and free and life was ours for the taking
We roamed the streets with carefree abandon
Life was simple and yet immensely kind
We had dreams in our hearts and a spring in our step
It mattered not what we did because we enjoyed each moment
And life itself was bliss

I remember a lifetime where we were masters of our entire destiny
We closed our eyes and with our thoughts created magnificent cities
With a wave of our hand we could manifest all we desired
We painted the streets of the universe and created worlds at will
Love and kindness were the only skills we knew
We were in worlds unimaginable and glorious
We were radiant and magnificent.

Where did these lifetimes go?
What became of those worlds?
Where do these thoughts come from? and why?
Did you plant them there as you watch me from somewhere?
Is there some reason behind what I imagine now?

The rain splashes against the window and I gaze out across the greenfields
I am reminded of a time

When we once danced under the rain
And floated little white paper boats in the puddles that formed
I watched you run under the sun and under a blanket of stars
I saw you joyfully gather up the yellow marigolds
And drop them lovingly into my open palms
I remember the joy in our hearts and the light in our eyes
And the awe and wonder with which we viewed our world
And not on a care in the world did we have.
Life was good.

I remember ... and I live again.

Is this myth or is this real? 
Did I live these lives and in these worlds?
Or did I imagine it all in my head?
It matters not, for through this to happiness I am led!

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Friday, May 31, 2013


My soul is trapped or so it seems
In a body where restriction teems
It feels like it is disconnected
Torn, tattered and fragmented

I must find a way to free my soul
From the clutches of life's control
Stitch it up and keep it together
Yet break free from unyielding tether

In quiet solitude I sit still
But noises around me seem so shrill
Turbulent thoughts shake my resolve
I quietly pray so they may dissolve

Slowly chatter around me fades
Through the mire my mind it wades
Something lifts and oh it lightens
A serene connection to Spirit heightens

I am floating like a feather
Earth and Heaven come together
The scattered fragments slowly bind
Enlightened is the feeble mind

Body and soul merge like one
The mind no longer on the run
Seems I've suddenly found the key
To set my restless spirit free

Freedom freedom cries my soul
Life is beautiful, and I am whole.

Meditation is freedom!


Written for Verse First - The function of freedom (is to free someone else)

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