Friday, July 5, 2013

Appetite and Omniscience

The prompt this week at Verse First is Appetite.  But as I missed last week's prompt Omniscience I thought I would combine both

And also linking to One Single Impression - Fragile

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A soothing melody
Invaded my daydream
Gently flowing
Like a singing stream

It teased my thoughts
It disturbed my reverie
It opened my eyes
It shook my lethargy

It came and went 
And it was haunting
I was captivated
It increased my longing

I closed my eyes
To capture its essence
It filled me with bliss
I felt His presence

All pervading
Love ineffable
Ever aiding

His Divine grace
Soothed my soul
My appetite insatiable
For His love and to extol


When we hear the beautiful strains of the Lord's bansuri (flute) we are blessed and yet we so easily forget His love and grace. His melody is everlasting, always enticing, yet we choose only to listen when we need something.

Our love for the Lord is so fragile
It waxes and wanes like the moon
But His love is steadfast without guile
Eternal, and ready to grant any boon

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  1. Breautiful meditative writing here, Suzy.

  2. a melody.

  3. This is very lovely and prayerful, Suzy!

  4. ...when you embrace & started to feel His presence... love & grace become ineffable... ah, thank you for your poem that is always uplifting & motivating... just a perfect soothing read to make anyone's day... loved it... smiles...

    1. Thanks Kelvin. Glad you liked it and happy that it made your day.

  5. Lovely! I like to give my mind quiet time so I can hear and feel my place on earth. Give thanks to the Lord!

    1. Thanks Margaret. So often we forget to thank the Lord. And when we feel His presence in the quiet, that fleeting moment is sublime.

  6. When Lord Krishna plays the flute , all living creatures get mesmerized.

    1. Isn't that so true Kalpana - Lord Krishna's flute is the sweetest melody ever.

  7. This post made me remember Sri Krsna. Thank you. Beautiful poem. :)

    1. Thanks Jessica, it is dedicated to Him.

  8. I liked them both, Suzy ~~ Yes, our love for the Lord is fragile but His is very steadfast (OSI).

    (First poem) I've been awake since 3:15 this morning. Went back to bed at five but couldn't sleep. Day dreamed and prayed; slept for about fifteen minutes and then couldn't sleep anymore so I got up and linked my blogs this morning. They had auto-posted at midnight.

    1. Thanks Jim. Glad you liked them both. Loved how they had auto-posted at midnight - those elves are always busy :)

  9. just breathing it the bit on the lord's flute and the short verse after, so true...and we can learn a lot of and from that love...smiles...

    1. Thanks Brian. The flute's melody is so meditative and soothing. So true that we can learn so much from His love yet so many times we ignore it.

  10. This is so beautiful, Suzy....soulful :)


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