Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bolt From The Blue

Written for:  Verse First   Poetry Jam

taken on the way to the farmer's market

A bolt from the blue that changes perspectives
The world suddenly seems like a different place
An ordinary scene looks amazingly attractive
Long reaching branches of green look like lace
Each curve of the lush rolling hillside held me captive
The river seemed peaceful and so full of grace
This masterpiece, astounding, sheer magic, and oh it put a smile on my face


Verse First
Writer's often assume they must be in a particular place, using specific tools, with just the write atmosphere to write. I challenge that. Today, do not allow yourself to follow you own ritual and routine. Go to a place where you've never before written. Then write.  One poem. 7 lines in length. Make it perfect. 

Poetry Jam
So what does the image of Lightning bring to your mind?

This morning I went to the farmers market as I do each Saturday. And during the drive there I watch the scene go by without any thought or appreciation, but today suddenly for a short moment in time (like a bolt of lightening from the blue), the usual, everyday, ordinary scenery looked amazingly beautiful.

And so I wrote this poem imagining I was in that car this morning - a virtual drive - Never written a poem during a virtual drive nor of the drive to the market!

How uncanny that both prompts today at Verse First and Poetry Jam fit in perfectly with this morning's sudden moment of wonder.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Love With Which It's Given

Written for:

Verse First - The Ordinary
Write about something quite ordinary. In the words of Natalie Goldberg, "Give homage to old coffee cups, sparrows, city buses, thin ham sandwiches."

Poetry Jam - The Last
Use any meaning of last, the final, the most recent, or keeping something going. I am sure there are some other uses of the word "last,"  so go where you will with it. And just for fun lets say it in 20 lines or less. 

my little mug given with love by my daughter on my birthday

My ordinary little mug
Sits on the kitchen bench
By my ordinary electric jug
Each morning I do clench

But ordinary this is not
With love to me it came
With love and care it was bought
A present with my name

Someday it will crack and break
Nothing lasts forever
But till then a special place it will take
And my thirst we'll quench together

And when it can't be used again
With sadness I'll let it go
But in my heart it will remain
For love just makes that so

Things don't last forever
That I know is certain
But what lasts and what we treasure
Is the love with which it's given


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Friday, November 8, 2013

Running with me

Written for:

The Write Tribe
Pick one of the provided quotes from Ernest Hemingway and write on that quote. The quote I've chosen is:
You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another ~ from The Sun Also Rises

Poetry Jam:
Write about what you know for sure, what you don't know for sure, what you wish you knew for sure and use one of the provided quotes to write a poem. The quote I've chosen is:
If we cannot name our own, we are cut off at the root, our hold on our lives as fragile as seed in a wind

The body becomes the landscape

creation of Carl Warner

I can't get away from myself by moving from one place to another
My load I carry everywhere, that much I know
No matter where I run it's never going to be further
For with me I travel wherever I go

I don't know what you look like or from whence you came
But without you I would be lost, that much I know
What would my life be if your guidance you refrain
My life would be more ebb and less of the flow

Wherever I travel, I blend in with the landscape
For earth is my present home, that much I know
My travels with you, my soul, my life does reshape
And through my adventures you learn and you grow

I wish I knew the reason for this life's quest
But you know all lifetimes, that much I know
And each step that I take is a cause and effect
And of journeys you planned a long time ago.

This was a real challenge trying to combine all three prompts, but that I wanted to combine them was something I knew I needed to do - challenge myself a bit. I hope I managed to make some sense of what I wrote.

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