Saturday, August 2, 2014

Under God's Heaven

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The tattered diary a prized possession
A life described during sad aggression

Senseless killing no one spared
Felt like no one even cared

Don't they know that war is futile
Destroying lives is sad and vile

I hope someday the light will shine
And peace and harmony will fall in line

When one community called humankind
Tolerance and love for each other will find

For our souls they weep in sad despair
And for us all they join in silent prayer

Imagine a world that's just like heaven
Where uplifting others is the only obsession

And kindness is a daily habit
And we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit

The tattered diary was a prized possession
Why don't we learn from it and end repression.


I chose the diary of Anne Frank as something that would've been quite ordinary but a prized possession to Anne. Her story touches our hearts and is the inspiration behind my poem. What went on in Anne's mind, did she wonder about a time under God's heaven when peace would be the way?

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