Friday, May 31, 2013


My soul is trapped or so it seems
In a body where restriction teems
It feels like it is disconnected
Torn, tattered and fragmented

I must find a way to free my soul
From the clutches of life's control
Stitch it up and keep it together
Yet break free from unyielding tether

In quiet solitude I sit still
But noises around me seem so shrill
Turbulent thoughts shake my resolve
I quietly pray so they may dissolve

Slowly chatter around me fades
Through the mire my mind it wades
Something lifts and oh it lightens
A serene connection to Spirit heightens

I am floating like a feather
Earth and Heaven come together
The scattered fragments slowly bind
Enlightened is the feeble mind

Body and soul merge like one
The mind no longer on the run
Seems I've suddenly found the key
To set my restless spirit free

Freedom freedom cries my soul
Life is beautiful, and I am whole.

Meditation is freedom!


Written for Verse First - The function of freedom (is to free someone else)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Truth about life

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Life is a journey
That is the truth
Feels like a tourney
But no one can lose

Life is an illusion
That is the truth
A temporary vision
Like passing youth

Life is a lesson
That is the truth
Each soul's mission
A path to smooth

Life is a moment 
In time and space
A way we have chosen
And blessed by His grace


Written for:  Verse First - The Wild Truth
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Place in the Universe

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A benevolent Universe
Lights my path
Sending me messages
in a myriad of ways
Helping me traverse
through this lifetime
as in lifetimes before

My immortal lover
Holding me 
in an eternal embrace
Leading me 
In a cosmic dance 
Comforting me
Protecting me
From the beyond

My Spiritual guide
Taking my soul 
On a journey 
Through space and time
Helping me 
to liberate myself
From the effects of Karma
 to attain Moksha

My place in the Universe
Is with my Divine Soulmate
In His heart
By His side
Helping humanity
From age to age
To eternity

Moksha - liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth

Written for Verse First - A place in the Universe

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quiet Conversations

How strange that I posted a 100 word poem on my blog Someday Somewhere just yesterday. And it fits today's prompt at Verse First .

Your task for this week's Verse First is to write succinctly and boldly about a personal experience. As you do so, rest assured that your readers will share some common ground. Be aware that the writing heals you and the reading heals others.  The only rule: No more than 100 words. Succinct. Bold. GO!

So I share it again ...

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Each morning I waited as I stood in line.
I loved those moments when his eyes met mine.
No words needed just the beat of hearts.

His time on earth was over, so he left for his home in the sky.
Now I lie alone in the darkness and as I listen to the sounds of silence, I close my eyes.
No words needed just connections through thin veils.

And then I pray to the Heavens with devotion and faith.
And in my dreams He comes to me to comfort and love.
No words needed just the fusion of souls.

Written for:  Verse First - Poetry Heals

Linking to:   dVerse Open Link Night #96

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Garden of Dreams

image by Evgeni Dinev

A beautiful meadow surrounded by hills
A waterfall gentle and grand
A place in nature where I connect with Spirit
Where the answers I seek are found 

A place for poor children, safe and fun
Making their wishes come true
Down by the seaside surrounded with palm trees
Watching the ocean blue

This is the path that my soul wants to tread on
This is the way to my bliss
I sit in quiet meditation in my garden of dreams
Walking the road that is His


Written for  Verse First - An Authentic Life

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