Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Letter to Classmates

Last Sunday my school classmate passed away suddenly. He was much loved and will be missed by all his classmates.

I wrote a poem for him and for my classmates who are shocked and saddened by his tragic death. Sharing here with all of you.

When the Great Spirit in the sky
Called me back to my heavenly home
I found my wings to soar and fly
And through the cosmos roam

The melody that enticed my soul
And coaxed me leave my wondrous Earth
Led me to Him and made me whole
And showed me all my worth

I journeyed through life upon the sea
I laughed and sang and danced
But know that now I'm home and free
Life was just a moment that I glanced

My friends and loves I left behind
Someday again we'll meet
For in that great heaven you will find
A classroom with our seats.

R.I.P dear friend xoxo

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