Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obsession and Steps

Written for:  Verse First   Poetry Jam

Verse First - Obsession
Make a list of obsessions - free flow for 15 minutes.  Select three obsessions from your list. Write a three-stanza poem, one stanza per obsession

Camera and Lord Ram images from google images

Oh camera, the medium of my precious memories
I am lost without your presence
For when those moments appear on my journeys
You are the one that captures their essence

Oh pretty dangly earrings that beatify
You sparkle as you swing
You never fail to catch my eye
Your loveliness makes me smile and sing

Oh Lord, you are my refuge and my joy
You are the melody of my soul
And when life falls apart or does annoy
Then Your love steps in and makes me whole


Poetry Jam - Steps
Wherever we go, whatever we do steps are always there. Just putting one foot in front of each other is taking a step forward. So this week think about and write about steps. Where would you like steps to take you? Do you make steps in your personal life? Do you follow others steps? Do you hate steps and the restrictions they can bring? 

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Let each step I take be ever mindful of Your presence
Let each step I take for another life make a difference

Let each step I take be always in the reflection of Your love
Let each step I take be guided by You from above

Let each step I take be Your work that I do
Let each step I take bring me closer to You



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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Paper and The Tree

Written for the following prompts:
Verse First - Edit to elevate
One Single Impression - Farewell
Linking to:
Poetry Pantry #163

Verse First - Edit to elevate

Write a poem about something exceedingly ordinary, something completely mundane. Edit it to elevate it. Turn it into art. Choose your words carefully, using only those conveying your specific intent. Remove everything that doesn't serve you well. 

So here's my poem for the prompt. Please leave your thoughts on my poem in the comments. Suggestions to make it better are welcome. Thanks.

The Paper

They say someday you'll be extinct
When paperless offices blossom
But you quietly smile and wink
Knowing these thoughts are like flotsam

It's environmentally friendly 
Call the techno advocates
Paper and tree look on bemusedly
While air and landscape deteriorate

It's not the paper that's at fault
It's man's lack of caring
Tree and paper exist not apart
But enjoy each other's sharing

If man made paper from dying tree
Instead of destroying younglings
Our precious world would be fresh and free
And a friendly place for earthlings.

The circle of life applies to all
Not selectively; that's man's misunderstanding
Nature doesn't make us fall
It's our careless thought and handling


OSI - Farewell
and The Tree

The dying tree bade farewell
To the little ones around it

Use me, to man it cried out aloud
For I'm the one unfit

Don't leave me here to rot in pain
Set my spirit free to your benefit

Spare my young ones, let them grow
Dear Lord, let man that permit


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ode to Music

Written for Verse First - Difficulty
Linking to: Poetry Pantry #162

"More often than not in poetry I find difficulty to be gratuitous and show-offy and  camouflaging, experimental to a kind of insane degree--a difficulty which really ignores the possibility of having a sensible reader." Billy Collins

Your assignment should be clear. Write a poem, no more than three stanzas, that is completely free of "gratuitous, show-offy, camouflaging" text. 

image source: google images

Music soothes my heart
It brings me peace
It relaxes my mind
So my troubles can release

Music makes my spirit dance
It makes me smile
It fills me with joy
So I can dream awhile

Music makes my soul soar
It inspires and lifts
It brings me closer to Him
So I can receive His blessings and gifts


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Friday, August 2, 2013

The Flower

Written for Verse First

This week's assignment: Read The Red Wheelbarrow, then write an eight line poem of your own whose simplicity is equally complex.

She held it delicately
the pretty pink flower

trying not to lose
tiny dewdrops

clinging to open petals
little transparent beads

touched by fingers
felt soft and wet


Also linking to:  Poetry Pantry #161   dVerse Open Link Night #108

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