Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Flower Was Offered To Me

This poem is written from the viewpoint of the Goddess who has received an offering from a young child, a flower placed at the feet of Her idol in the temple. 

A flower was offered to me
With folded hands she stood there
A little child but barely three
Eyes shut in sincere prayer

She spoke such simple words
Her heart so full of faith
The plea in love I heard
To change someone's fate

Though destiny has a different path
How could I break her soul
Compassion filled my heavy heart
While the young one did extol

What is inevitably written 
Even Goddess cannot change
But perhaps grant a short reprieve 
Within Divinity's allowed range

I took the flower in my hands
And blessings did bestow
I broke those firm destiny bands
And altered that life's flow.


I believe that what is destined is inevitable, but I also hope that God and Goddess can grant us a reprieve, a slight change in our path if we ask with sincerity, with no agenda, with love and faith and with the innocence of a child.

Written for:
Poet's United Midweek Motif Sumana's prompt "A flower was offered to me". I missed the linkup but loved the prompt so wrote on it anyway.

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