Friday, November 6, 2015


For a few hushed moments. I sat in solitude
Watching majestic mountains, Giving gratitude

The silence so refreshing, Quietening the mind
My soul nourishing, Answers I could find

In meditative Zenning, Perhaps a connection I did make
A spark of self healing, In a Divinely loving state

I liked that quiet moment, When serenity prevailed
Tranquility so potent, Renewal it entailed

But did it really happen, Did I reach that heavenly state
Was it something I imagined, Regardless I celebrate


Written for:
Midweek Motif - Tranquility (poem to be limited to 3-17 lines in any form)
With Real Toads - Celebrate something that never happened. In my poem the "never happened" is more a question of did it really happen or did I imagine it. 

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  1. This is absolutely breathtaking.....!!

  2. Ah, we do have to enjoy those moments of tranquility where they happen or are a feeling deep within the mind!

  3. Maybe just being close is the best we'll ever get.. enjoy it yet.

  4. Ah, well done, Suzy. I like how you chose to celebrate a state of mind - which may or may not be obtainable. Well done and viva la! Thanks for posting to the Out of Standard!

  5. ...and if so can we hang on to it?

  6. Inner peace a beautiful place....hold on to it.

  7. Suzy yes silence is really is refreshing.It takes a person nearer to peace and tranquility.

  8. Yearning for inner peace is half way there!

  9. peace of mind, serenity; good causes to celebrate

    much love...

  10. It was real - in such moments, I believe we do "lift off" a little. It has happened to me, too.

  11. Wishing you many such quiet moments, Suzy! Your poem made me feel calm too.

  12. We must live as if it did happen and grab the moments to celebrate. They help us return and do it again. This poem is itself a circle--The end question made me go back to see the answer, again and again, and, in fact, doing so induced tranquility. Bravo!

  13. Love the zen of your poem ....


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