Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
You know me well
You know my thoughts
And memories upon which I dwell

You travelled with me
Far and wide
Like a comforting friend
You're by my side

You shoulder my burdens
Help me shed my load
And when I feel timid
Your words make me bold

You share in my solitude
My snippets you enjoy
You laugh at my jokes
Shed tears when I cry

I enjoy my moments
In silence with you
You are my dear friend
Selfless and true.

Today's little entry
Is my gift to you
Thank you with love
Signed, Suzy Que

Written for:
Poet's United Mid Week Motif Diary Stories
Poetry Jam - Alone

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  1. Dear Suzy- I like the alliteration- my diary is named Dio after Diogonese haha, nice poem!!

  2. Indeed there is such comfort in writing in a is a perfect listener, never tells tales, accepts one's tears, and one's secrets are safe. As you said, a diary is the dearest of friends!

  3. smiles...i like your appreciation for your diary...they can be such dear friends...ones that will keep our confidences...and listen, all the time...

  4. Beautifully woven words Suzy on joy and sorrows. The secret is well guarded by one's best friend the diary:)

  5. This is sweet, Suzy. I love the rhyme scheme and the rhythm of it.

  6. Very sweet entry! I hope your diary likes the sentiment. :-)

  7. Our diary will always be there for us, won't it? Even when we think we're alone... Nobody will ever be as loyal to us as our diary is. I love your poem, and especially the rhymes you have used - I am a fan of poems that rhyme. Wonderful one, Suzy!

  8. Nicely done. You captured well how writing in a diary can be a source of comfort. Lovely rhymes :)

  9. Diaries surely are our everlasting companions ... very beautifully written :-)

  10. I also used to write dairy once upon a time. True that it reduces the burden that your mind carries. Very nice, I love it!

  11. Diaries often make our painful loneliness into a blessed solitude...

  12. lovely :) diaries are always special :) it has lot of stories to tell :)


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